- 経歴 -
大学在学中に豪州留学。大学4年時、国連英検スピーチコンテストに出場。「just do it, then you can do it ~ 旅の出会い」をスピーチし、地区大会通過、全国大会にて優勝。卒業後、建築への興味から清水建設に入社。1年後退職。半年間の専門学校とスタジオ勤務、4年の写真事務所勤務を経て個人写真事務所(旅と建築の写真家)として独立、現在に至る。

- 海外経験 -

- 建築撮影経験 -

- その他 -
講演:日本橋三越(2013,2014)、講演:水戸京成百貨店(2013,2014,2015,2016)、講演:横浜大桟橋(2013)、講演:栃木県立文化センター(2013,2014)、講演:アパートギャラリー世田谷(2014,2015)、講演:上毛新聞社メインホール(2013,2014,2015,2016)、講演:客船にっぽん丸(2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017)。写真家中村風詩人と行く屋久島・伊勢・高野山などのフォトツアー催行(2014,2015,2016,2017)。個展「ひとつの海と」(2011)、個展「続・ひとつの海と」(2012)、グループ展東京美術館展出展(2012)、個展「音の浮力」(2013)。世界旅写真展審査員(2014,2015,2016)。APART GALLERY&LIBRARY館長(2013)、中村風詩人写真集『ONE OCEAN』発売(2015)

- ご挨拶 -


Kazashito Nakamura|Freelance Photographer

- basic skills of photography -
Graduated from the Speciality course of Design with a focus in photography.
Firstly worked in a huge construction company, and quit 1 year later.
Worked in studio for half a year, and in photo company for 4 years.

- International Arrangement Skills -
Traveled all over the world, already more than 80 countries.
Shooting some countries as a job, more than 40 countries.
Interviewed some celebrities for magazines.

- DTP and Commercial / experience in business -
Shooting over 200 houses for magazines.
Shooting some architecture as an ad.
Shooting celebrities every month constantly.
Managing huge lighting system in very historical places.

- Clients -
Nikkei Business Publishing, Fusosha Publishing, MOPAS Nippon maru cruise, Tokyo MDE, Gakken Publishing, Hebel house(Asahi Kasei), Tokyo news company, TV asahi, TV tokyo, Fuji TV, and so on.

- Messages -

I’m a travel and architecture photographer based on Tokyo, Japan. I love taking a trip to anywhere from asia to africa, even if that would be the place I had never know. Thinking or imaging what’re waiting in that country is always exciting. There, in the situation, I’m always trying to capture the magic of everyday moments. I draw inspiration from all the small and extraordinary things that surround us. I strive to capture dynamic, timeless images with enthusiasm and honesty.

Thanks for visiting — Kaza